• Medical & Dentistry

    As any professional involved in this industry is fully aware it comes with its own unique challenges. As a firm we are fully aware and knowledgeable of the many intricacies and have supported our numerous clients through the various stages of business development, including partner admission & retirement, practice sale & acquisition, together with the very challenging area of incorporation.

  • Equine

    The principal of the firm, Michael Culloty, comes from an equine background & with support of specialised staff we can provide a bespoke service to both the breeding and the racing industry. We have a strong working relationship with HRI and an extensive knowledge of both domestic and international VAT and other taxes relevant to this sector.

  • Agriculture

    The firm has had over 50 years involvement in the agricultural sector including specialisation in the particulars of farming taxation, our broad level expertise includes an extensive knowledge of the EU payments systems and profit monitoring to maximise earnings.

  • Retail

    Our involvement in the retail sector goes back to the formation of the firm. The founding partner came from a retail family which dated back to the early 1900’s. This has ensured that the firm has a strong retail base & a highly skilled knowledge of the sector.

  • Food Production

    We can provide an excellent service to the small and medium manufacturing industry with particular focus on food production. We regularly support our food producers in the area of cost management and system development.

  • Construction

    Throughout the economic downturn we continued to support our clients within this industry which has ensured that we have never lost focus on their particular business requirements. We have also developed our service to assist clients to ensure the lessons learnt during this period are not repeated.

  • Hospitality

    We are based in Killarney, a major hub in Irish tourism. This geographical position has lent itself to a large exposure to the industry as a whole. We provide service to all sectors of the industry and can assist in the development of an efficient, profitable service provider.

  • Family Business

    Families are all different and come with their own unique desires. As one of the oldest family controlled firms in Ireland we are sympathetic to all aspects of parental and sibling business development, and are experienced in assisting the navigation of a successful transition through the various stages of the business cycle.